Matrix Council Meeting report: 1 February 2024

Meeting participants:
Merlijn Sebrecths (@merlijn-sebrechts ), Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic), Nils Buchner (@nbuechner) , Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3 ), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Seth Arnold (@sarnold)

Meeting Chair:
Seth Arnold (@sarnold)

Bot integration via bridging

The Matrix Council had a discussion about IRC bots Many questions were asked and answered:

  • Can IRC bots, such as patch pilot bot, queuebot, factoid bot be able to receive commands from Matrix users?
    • Testing run by @nbuechner confirms that it is possible, there might be some issue with bot names.
  • What about matrix-hosted bots?
    • IRC can still use matrix-hosted bots.
  • What about IRC users wanting to run a mjolnir ban command?
    • Matrix control room needs to be bridged, and IRC users need to run the mjolnir command. Anyone in that room is allowed in.
    • @sarnold will reach out to the IRC council, offer IRC ops to control Mjolnir to also mitigate spam on their side of the bridge. @sarnold will also ask what the best way is to collaborate on moderation.
  • Can a matrix user ban IRC users?


  • Operator channel rules. In #ubuntu-ops on the IRC side there’s a rule where non-operators must leave the channel after receiving help. Do we want to enforce the same rule on Matrix?
    • No. Having people in this room can be a useful way to see who has the capacity to become part of ops.
  • Should non-operators have to make it explicit that their help is unofficial (ex: when creating Ubuntu rooms for users)?
    • No, we use the option below.
  • Should operators add “(operator)” to the end of their room nick so people can tell who’s an official op?
    • Decision: Yes. Add this to a “how to become operator” doc.
    • See aaron demonstration in chat: /myroomnick my_nick
    • Also make a rule to ban people who do this without being ops.
    • Also set global keywords like “ops” and “spam”.
  • Should a Community Help room be created to offload ops tasks?
    • No, because these people should be in the regular public ops room.

Moderator bot in private rooms

  • Should we add the moderator bot to private rooms? Shall we offer it if someone wants it?
    • Decision: don’t add it. Private is private. Add it to the docs that we won’t add moderator bot to private rooms. If somebody asks, we can have a discussion about changing this.

Moderator bot admin permissions

  • As the Ops team was adding moderator bot to rooms, many room owners asked questions about the moderator bot, why it required admin permissions, and why would it be useful. Official docs are not easy to navigate and do not provide thorough explanations. The Matrix Council should write and publish a document outlining the following:

Documentation efforts

  • Process to streamline documentation. Just do it! → Decision: Agreed
    • create a document on discourse (it does not get listed in the frontend automatically)
    • mark it with :construction: at the beginning of the title
    • leave it for a week to get reviews
    • decide on publishing during the following matrix council meeting
  • @ilvipero spoke with the Technical Authors at Canonical and asked for advice, how to make sure Ubuntu Matrix documentation becomes the reference Matrix documentation on the internet. The following can be used to guide and standardize our efforts.

Getting Involved

The Matrix Council meets every week. Meetings are not streamed to provide a safe space where council members can tackle difficult topics and issues. Having said that, we believe transparency is extremely important, therefore meeting notes are published on the Ubuntu Discourse after each meeting.
We encourage everyone to get involved. If you want to ask a question, start a discussion, or get involved please reach out to us:

  • On the Ubuntu Discourse. You can either reply to the meeting reports, or to this thread.
  • On the Ubuntu Matrix Ops Channel:
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