Matrix Council meeting: April 25 2024

Meeting Attendees

Grégory Schiano (@gschiano), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Michal Kohútek (@Tylnesh), Nils Buchner (@nbuechner)

Meeting chair

Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero)

Meeting Agenda

Email notifications

  • Discussions ongoing on switching from to email account to send notifications.
  • Amanda worked on rate limiting on email notification.
  • There is a Synapse configuration that needs to be turned on to enable email notifications.

Worker nodes

  • Amanda is testing on staging,

IRC bridge

  • Some delay reworking the IRC bridge happened.
  • IRC bridge work was temporarily paused in favor of worker nodes.
  • Current plan is to implement IRC bridge in staging around one week from now.
  • We need to disable dynamic creation of rooms, and manually bridge single rooms.
  • IRC bridged room configs are persistent.

Media upload to an opject storage

  • Uploading media to an object storage, such as S3.
  • This will make media easier to backup.
  • Simplify maintenance.
  • This will affect synapse less in case of issues.
  • Less issues for scaling.

Matrix logging tools

  • This tool could be interesting to explore logging Matrix to a website, similar to what we are using on IRC.

Documentation to create

Action items

  • Grégory Schiano to check with Canonical’s legal team about GDPR and log history
  • Grégory Schiano to check Tom Haddon / IS about how IRC logs are managed