Matrix Council meeting: April 18 2024

Meeting Attendees

Seth Arnold (@sarnold) , Grégory Schiano (@gschiano), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero) , Michal Kohútek (@Tylnesh) , Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3)

Meeting chair

Grégory Schiano (@gschiano)

Testing the email notifications

Mauro (@ilvipero)been testing the notifications and found out that the sending email address is “” which doesn’t sign outgoing email with DMARC, or DKIM leading to emails being flagged as SPAM.
We might want to try to configure it with “” until a solution is deployed for addresses

  • Tested on a microsoft account and emails are flagged as spam
  • Tested on a fastmail account and emails are flagged as spam
  • Google accounts appear to block emails at the admin level, no traces on the spam folder

Public logs

Accessing the logs depends on the settings of the roooms. GDPR could be a concern about log history, anonymizing the logs is not easy. Federation requires collaboration on message deletion. Matrix has some documentation on GDPR-compliance: and Canonical’s legal team should have a look.
IRC logs are preserved in perpetuity and are still available.
A bot will be required to fetch the logs, Nils has experience with bots, he might be able to provide this easily. Messages are also available in the Synapse DB so a tool could use them.
Having logs of Matrix next to the IRC log would be great

IRC Bridging

Canonical made progress on the implementation, testing might take a bit because testing of multiple workers is done in parallel. A rework of the feature was required on Canonical charm side. Ident server has been investigated and is supported natively by the bridge. IPV6 is a topic that we didn’t dig much, still need to be investigated.
The bridge is controlled through a Matrix room, we will use this IRC bridge project “Usage - Matrix IRC Bridge

Action items

  • Grégory Schiano (@gschiano) to check with Canonical’s legal team about GDPR and log history
  • Grégory Schiano (@gschiano) to check Tom Haddon / IS about how IRC logs are managed