Matrix council Application: Grégory Schiano


My name is Grégory Schiano, and I would like to submit my application for the Ubuntu Community Matrix Council.

Why applying?

As a Canonical employee, I’ve been involved in the community matrix project from the beginning as part of my work at Canonical. During this period I’ve helped write the Juju charm that allows the operation of Matrix, been involved in the design choices, and also participated in some developments enabling Federation. I’ve also been involved in helping Mauro and current Matrix council members in setting up and testing the Matrix server.
I want to keep on contributing to the Matrix project, and I thought that having someone who technically knows well how the community matrix is deployed and operated might ease the Matrix council work and decision, that’s why I decided to apply for Ubuntu membership, followed by this application.

What do I want to improve ?

As somebody very close to the code operating the current Matrix deployment, I want to ease the communication concerning technical aspects. Being in the council will allow me to guide and challenge decisions, enabling faster decision processes and faster iterations.
I also want to help improve the user experience by supporting the moderation and support, either technically (bringing new features, helping in defining proper configuration), but also by being active.
Finally, I’d like to bring/test new features that will also help operate, moderate, and support the Matrix project, like bots, supporting new client features, and IRC bridge implementation, …

How can I contribute to the Matrix project?

As previously mentioned, I’d like first to bring technical expertise to the council, allowing direct discussions / challenging of ideas, that will save up time in the decision-making process. I’d also like to contribute more to the daily tasks and work needed to keep the Matrix server a great place to talk, discuss, share, help, and be helped. Finally, I’ll keep on working to improve the user experience and operating experiences through my contributions to the code and architecture supporting the Matrix project (IRC bridge, scalability, PoC around new features, or other implementations of Matrix protocol).
Once the project is well in place and commonly adopted, I’d like to participate in the conference as a speaker to tell our story and share with other communities how the Ubuntu Community moved from IRC to Matrix and what the challenge (either technical but also in terms of organization, communication). As I think that this project will benefit from this kind of communication, and be beneficial to the Matrix community.