Massive Server Install update landing in Disco today

This is just out, really improved subiquity installer is about to land.

It supports live-refresh of the installer. Thus if and when we publish updated subiquity snap (with better UX and fixes) we will be able to life refresh the installer snap without you having to re-download complete fresh installation media. It also means, we can much more easily test fixes and changes from experimental edge channel.

Also available redesigned openssh key import screen, ability to choose to install (or not!) the openssh-server, and if one chooses to import the ssh keys from launchpad or github => boom password authentication tickbox is disabled by default. Thus making your server installs that extra step more safe.

We are hoping that this release of subiquity will have full support on: amd64, arm64, ppc64le architectures! Stay tuned, for updates about ppc64le, we are not yet sure it really works there.

Keep on refreshing that really smoking sleek disco dingo download page

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When creating LVM volume groups, one can choose to encrypt them! And boom one has full disk encryption!