Massive graphics performance regression reported in phoronix on 23.04 vs 22.10

It’s really bad, see here:

Someone in the comments has tested 23.04 on gnome and openbox vs 22.10 and on his set up it seems to be gnome causing the performance regression.


I was waiting to see this topic here :worried:

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When dealing in hundreds or thousands of FPS those frames are almost entirely offscreen, not associated with the compositor (unless the problem is the display protocol itself). So the first place I would look for FPS regressions is in Mesa. The second place is the kernel, which for non-graphical benchmarks is the first place to look.


Now being tracked in but I suspect it will probably move to Mesa or the kernel as mentioned above.


If your performance regressions relate to full screen windows then the GNOME developers think they might have a fix:


Great to see it’s being looked at :+1::+1::+1: