Mark all as Read

Where is the option to mark all unread threads as " Read ". I use to use this option on Xenforo extensively. Mainly on new topics that I am not interested in. Discourse have them too, right ? Any chance we can have it here ?

If you click the New button, there is a button (bottom-right) that reads Dismiss all new or something like that. If you click it it will actually mark all new questions/posts etc as read.

Is this what you asked, or I understood it wrong ?

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Yes. I was thinking the Xenforo, IPB way. They had " mark as read " button in the home page itself. Thanks.

There is nothing under " New " or " Unread ", still, there are “unread” items available

There’s a dismiss button - which does the same thing.

I don’t have those options at the bottom. Why so ? I get infinite scrolling

Are you selecting the New or Unread options at the top?

None. I am on the main page. Now that you mention it, I have those options under " New " and " Unread ". The point is, even if I Dismiss both " New " and " Unread ", I still get bold posts on the home page. Shouldn’t all of them go away ?

I’d assume so. I do see the same as you.