Making a kiosk question

I am working on a proof of concept for a Point-of-sale software that runs as a kiosk. The application is based on PySide2 which supports Wayland. I wanted to know if it would make sense to install Ubuntu Core 18 on a desktop computer whose only purpose would be to serve that Point-of-Sale software ?

At a later stage I would like to build custom Ubuntu Core image that contains the Point-of-Sale software preinstalled.

Do you have any suggestions in this regards ?

@om26er, I’m not sure why you’d be asking questions about Ubuntu Core on a Mir forum thread?

It is, of course, possible to install Ubuntu Core on “desktop” hardware. You can read about creating a custom image elsewhere on the internet:

But it is unclear to me why you’d need a custom image? Surely all that you need is to snap your application: