Make Ubuntu Desktop OS a lot more customizable

Now as compared with Linux Mint distro that is a lot more customizable than Ubuntu. Ubuntu has got fewer options to customize specially in settings. For example: I can’t set different sounds based on different tasks, can’t change the theme plus a lot more. Of course Ubuntu is beginner friendly but it should let users rearrange their experiences a lot more. Hoping for significant attention to this topic based on user experience feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. Providing more options has an impact on the simplicity of the interfaces and a maintenance cost so it’s a balance to find. You can install gnome-tweaks which provides some extra options like theme switching, for other things missing feel free to report wishlist reports, ideally upstream which is the right place to add features but also on launchpad.


If you really want customization you could find some other Ubuntu flavor more suitable than GNOME. Given that you’re coming from Mint, maybe try MATE (Ubuntu MATE) or Cinnamon (Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix). Or, if you are leaving Mint because you want to try something new, try XFCE (Xubuntu) or Plasma (Kubuntu).

Actually, Gnome is quite adjustable. Use Extension Manager from Software Center. There are many other adjustable GUI apps you may use. This being said, everything is faster, easier, and more effiencient via terminal… a simple command or string, and you are done :slight_smile:

Personally, I use apt for most things just because it is more effective, but I do also understand that many do not want to deal with this. I believe that we will get there… in time.