Make the flutter “calculator” app the default Calculator for Ubuntu

I think it would be nice if the calculator app built with Flutter by @jpnurmi * was made the default one.
It has some cool features than the Gnome one lucks, you can for example solve simple equations,
like x = 1 + 1, and then use x later on.
Screenshot from 2023-05-24 16-17-21
Apart from the app itself, being built with Flutter, and Yaru Widgets bring some advantages. The app not only follows the the theme, but also respects the accent colour, something that the Gnome Calculator doesn’t do on Ubuntu 22.04.


The gnome calculator has quite a bunch of extra modes (scientific calculations, financial calculations, programmer mode (for hex/decimal calculations etc)) that do not seem available in the flutter one yet … ?


That’s a very valid point which I didn’t think about. I guess this might be a deal-breaker for many people.

yeah, sadly … i’d love to see more flutter apps in the default install, but we should not regress on features, especially on something like a calculator


Hi, we’ve been indeed creating some sample apps with Flutter and Yaru. They are not meant to be real products, though, but more like starting points for different GUI layouts.

They were intentionally kept simple, to focus on setting up and structuring apps with YaruTheme, YaruWindowTitleBar, YaruMasterDetailPage and so on. Calculator came first to mind when brainstorming single-page app sample ideas… :slight_smile: