MacOS shell can't communicate with multipass

Is there a new MacOS security setting I need to address? I’ve been running multipass for awhile, but starting today, multipass start keeps giving me

start failed: The following errors occurred:
ubuntu-lts: timed out waiting for response

multipass list gives me

Name                    State             IPv4             Image
ubuntu-lts              Suspended         --               Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

multipass stop doesn’t work, either. The MacOS shell doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with the socket at all. Can I manually clear the state?

Hi @asdf072, could you please open a bug report and fill in the info, so that we can get a better understanding of your problem? There are can be different causes for such timeouts, but usually the state wouldn’t remain as suspended. I would need to look at the logs…

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I used multipass launch to bring up a new VM, and that’s going fine. My old primary VM must have something wrong with it. Is there a guide to recover a VM? I don’t think the filesystem got corrupted, but maybe.

Hi @asdf072, I replied on github with instructions to help you recover from this situation.