LXD UI list only local images. CLI does

Version 5.21.1-ui-0.8


I’m not sure that the LXD UI 0.8 includes the new images: server remote, we may need to get a new release of the UI bundled with LXD. @edlerd ?

Also im not sure why you dont also see the images from the ubuntu: remote.

Thank you for reaching out @brinkib52

The Version 5.21.1-ui-0.8 includes remote images from the ubuntu: as well as from the images: server. I can’t reproduce the problem in the screenshot just yet. Various releases and distributions are available in the UI with this version.

The empty image list might be due to the remote image servers index files not being available. Or the requests for the image indexes are failing for some reason.

@brinkib52 Are you running your browser in an air gapped environment without internet access? Can you please check the dev and network console for any error messages? It can be opened with F12 on most browsers. First open it and the load the UI and open the modal for selecting images. The console output should hopefully lead to an explanation.

Thanks again

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looks like is a problem with certificate. Thank You
https://images.lxd.canonical.com/streams/v1/images.json net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID
https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/minimal/releases/streams/v1/com.ubuntu.cloud:released:download.json net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

What browser version are you using?
Are your CA certs up to date?

Certs look good:



Both are sending the intermediate cert correctly.

Suspect browser or local CA bundle out of date.

yes. it’s local problem of browser.

Could be a problem if getting the list via UI but not on the server.
I thought the UI retrieves the list directly from the LXD host. So, it’s possible that the list would be visible through the UI, but the LXD host, for whatever reason, doesn’t have access to the list, which could lead to errors when creating instances.

Confirming… it was a local browser problem. After fixing it, it works

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