LXD LVM Pool - lxc storage info - space used: is larger than total space:

Please can anyone explain what is happening with the poolsize?

space used: is larger than total space:

is this normal? do I need to increase the size of the pool?

I have three pools one btrfs two lvm and both the LXDThinPool pools have space used: > total space:

Ouput (partial) from lxc storage info prodpool

description: “”
driver: lvm
name: prodpool
space used: 28.99GiB
total space: 25.94GiB

Ouput (partial) from lxc storage info default

description: “”
driver: btrfs
name: default
space used: 6.98GiB
total space: 13.97GiB

Config (partial) from lxd init --dump

lvm.thinpool_name: LXDThinPool
lvm.vg_name: prodpool
size: 11GiB
source: /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/disks/prodpool.img
description: “”
name: prodpool
driver: lvm

The docs say:

Note that it is possible to over-commit the physical storage in the process, to allow flexibility for scenarios where not all available storage is in use at the same time.

So that would be my first guess. Maybe check the volumes in there and see if the maximum volume size adds up to the used storage, even though the volumes aren’t fully used?

Thanks for the pointer. It certainly looks like the lvm over-commit in action.

I’ve not been able to reconcile the numbers with the storage volumes but when I do I will post my method here.