LUKS encrypted LVM manual system on Lubuntu 18.10

It appears there’s a bug that isn’t allowing LUKS to work on EFI-enabled systems.

I’ve been trying to manually partition Lubuntu 18.10 in order to encrypt my LVM partition with LUKS utilizing the Calamares installer (3.2.2.).

I tried using the manual-full-system-encrytion guide that’s found somewhere on Ubuntu’s site but that method didn’t work as it expects the Ubiquity installer.

I just tried an installation where I encrypted root using the installer with hopes to later encrypt my home and swap via ecryptfs but that install didn’t boot properly–hence my fist line up above.

Am I correct in assuming this issue is mainly due to no available installer being able to implement LUKS>LVM natively or is this all simply an issue with Calamres (for Lubuntu)? Again, apparently there’s a workaround that’s been tested on 18.04 which works fine utilizing the Ubiquity installer.

So, my concern now is that there’s no way to effectively do FDE on Lubuntu 18.10.

Please file a bug report (on the Ubuntu bug tracker, not here) with sufficient detail for other folks to reproduce the problem.