Lubuntu Council Elections 2024

On behalf of the Lubuntu Council, I am pleased to announce our 2024 election cycle.

What is the Lubuntu Council?

The Lubuntu Council is the governing board for Lubuntu. Defined by our constitution, the Lubuntu Council reports directly to the Ubuntu Community Council, and is given the following responsibilities:

  • Mediate disputes within the community (as defined above) that cannot be resolved by themselves, or cannot be resolved peacefully.
  • Appoint team members to positions temporarily if a position being held becomes vacant, and until a new leader can be chosen.
  • Delegate administration of community groups to individuals which report directly to the Council. These delegated administrators should be the clear leaders of these groups already, to keep the spirit of democratic meritocracy.
  • Grant Lubuntu Membership to individuals within the Lubuntu project who have made significant and sustained contributions.

How do I apply?

You must be an official member of the Lubuntu project. Please follow the instructions in this Discourse post.


2024-04-01 (time of posting) to 2024-04-08 (00:00 UTC): Nomination period
2024-04-08 (00:00 UTC) to 2024-04-09 (00:00 UTC): The Lubuntu Council will compile the nominations into a CIVS poll and make it available to Lubuntu Members.
2024-04-09 (00:00 UTC) to 2024-04-16 (00:00 UTC): Voting period
2024-04-19: Expiration date for current members, new members will expire on 2025-04-19


Please contact the Lubuntu Council directly.