Lubuntu 19.04 non focused signs

Can you see the buttons?

Today’s download.

Is this appropriate?

If you feel it’s a bug (poor color choice) in a theme, maybe you should file it as one. You can get help with this at

Whilst this is most likely a friendly-dig between colleagues/friends, I fear it could be read as one person trying to shame another into a change, which I believe is wrong, let alone not looking good with regards our community.

This is my opinion, and maybe I’m too close to be objective, but to me this site is the wrong place for bug-reports on theme color-choices (if that’s your point).

I am reporting something that I noticed in today’s Lubuntu. I can just change the theme and I’d get those buttons to be seen. But, that won’t help, does it? This is what people see, when they look at Lubuntu in live mode. That’s all to it.
And, I’d like Lubuntu to succeed. Lubuntu is still the most popular of all derivatives.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t file a bug. Bug reports are not just for stable versions. Better yet, fix it! Lubuntu provides lots of documentation on how to package and fix bugs on their Phabricator instance. Fixing a theme should be rather trivial.

Then recognize the Lubuntu team is a very small one and needs all the help it can get. The more you can take the initiative to not just call something out but to actually change it (or at least find its root cause), the better Lubuntu will be able to succeed.

I’m curious: what are you basing this on?

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All the derivative teams are small, sometimes just one man. Once that man goes away, the derivative dies or changes itself. The new Lubuntu is not the old one, still as it carries the old name, I’d like it to succeed, for the sake of memories.

In the time you discussed it here you could have filed a bug. Please do that. We have bug trackers for a reason.