Looking for someone to take over a bot

Hello! I have a bot which gates the #ubuntu-quality IRC channel to the Ubuntu Testers telegram group. It’s running on my personal VPS, and I’d like it not to be. The software I’m using is matterbridge, which is quite easy to setup. I can provide the existing configuration to whoever runs the bot going forward. Obviously you don’t have to use matterbridge, but that works and is easy, but it’s up to you.



I am working on that, keep that in mind, see you on Telegram, or here

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Thank you so much for volunteering! Is there anything the community team can do to help?

Yes could you please send me a private message to talkt the details ?

Not sure what details you need in private. I’d rather do this in the open. As I said, I use matterbridge. Install that, then create a configuration file as per the documentation. You’ll need to setup a Telegram token as per https://core.telegram.org/bots#6-botfather and https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/telegram-bots-beginners-marco-frau and set that like:-


Then a section for irc. I created the ubuntutestingbot irc user, but I think I can change the password and hand that over.


Finally there’s glue to map these two together:



The number is the internal Telegram ID of the Telegram channel to pipe irc conversations to.

That’s mostly it. If I were you, I’d try setting it all up and then if you get stuck, ping me.


Okay I will ping you when It runs

Looks like this is covered. If for some reason it does not work, let me know, might be able to jam it into a container somewhere. :+1:

EDIT - clarification, we (Ubuntu Budgie) have a Digitalocean sponsorship, so the costs are covered. I suspect I could use their App Platform (no server needed), or bundle it in with one of my other servers running containers.

I have now disconnected the bot from freenode. I will not be maintaining the bot in the new libera channels.

I’m happy to take it. I’ve got matterbridge up for Lubuntu, and can take over operation.


Just as an FYI, this was taken over by me, the bridge bot has been established and is fully online and operational for the Testers team.

Also extended to include the Translations team.