Looking for a flavour's end of life ISOs

After previously hunting the Internet to build an archive of old Ubuntu MATE ISOs at https://releases.ubuntu-mate.org/archived/, I’m wondering, what is the official stance to flavour ISOs when they reach end of life?

For example, Ubuntu’s ISOs are archived at https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/. Some of the flavours are there too, but coverage seems a bit spotty for some like Ubuntu MATE (which only has 19.04/19.10)

I’m looking for a 15.10 release of Ubuntu MATE for PowerPC, but it is challenging to track down on the open Internet. Were these ISOs archived/backed up to an offline server, or are they gone for good?

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Also on the look out for Ubuntu MATE 14.10 amd64 to complete the archive, which was before Ubuntu MATE became an official flavour (and didn’t use Canonical’s build system infrastructure). Only 45% salvaged! Hope it turns up some day.



If I find any, I’ll let you know

Are you looking for just Ubuntu MATE or all? Because I keep my UCR legacy ISO’s. I can easily dig up everything else.

I have found 15.10-beta1 for powerpc if this can help:


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Thank you both - I had luckily been able to salvage 17.10 PPC from the Internet Archive. Pretty sure I tried digging around there previously, but I could’ve been stuck in the wrong point in time. :mantelpiece_clock:

Now in the process of uploading to our ISO archive.
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I’m still curious on what the policy/practice is/were for old flavour ISOs around that time, but I suppose only Canonical or the Ubuntu team could answer this. :slight_smile:

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