Login screen

I was hoping to see this in 18.10


As per this OMG Ubuntu article


But I got 18.04 style login screen instead

Gnome website says

Ubuntu 18.10 includes GNOME 3.30 with minor alterations.

Why is it so ? The one in Gnome looks appealing

If I’m not wrong that login screen still a concept. It is not in use even on pure gnome session


All in all these mockups look promising, don’t they?

But it’s important to remember that they are just that: mockups, not real code. Allan Day stresses that the designs he presents aren’t final, and that he expects them to “continue to evolve” based on feedback and user testing.

Read articles before talking about them.


I was counting on this

Hopefully, these changes make it into the release of GNOME 3.30 in the autumn.

The article was written in May, so

It is work in progress at Gnome


Source : https://blogs.gnome.org/aday/2019/09/17/towards-a-ux-strategy-for-gnome-part-3/

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