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My good friend @sil heard me mention the LoCo reboot on Linux Matters This is how I roll (linuxmatters.sh) and had a think about my request for a new logo for the team. He came up with this concept. Neither he nor I are logo designers. So if someone wants to take this idea, and do whatever is needed to rework it into an actual usable logo, or come up with some other idea, go ahead!


Personally I like the idea of incorporating the main colours of the UK flag. But it needs someone with more design skills than us to make something we probably want to adopt.

Thanks for making this, Stuart!


Maybe one of these might work for you



Luckily one of my roles at work is head of graphics. I can ask if the team at work want to have a play with the logo.

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I have mocked up a simple design. I quite like it as it is subtle and not to far from the ubuntu logo.
ubuntu uk


Hey there, here is my idea of a logo for ubuntu uk:

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This is great. I do however feel it would need to be applied to the newer ubuntu logo to be used. Looks great though.

Would it look nicer if the 3 orbitals had orange/no-outline as opposed black?

I tried it with the orange outline, it didn’t look good at all. But thank you for the great feedback on it :slightly_smiling_face:

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