Live Migration of Containers

Any improvements in the area of live migration of containers? I’m aware that VMs’ live migration works pretty well, but not containers.

There are some restrictions, some of these are based on limitations of CRIU and some are potentially issues in LXD itself (in the way it sets up the container, rather than a limitation in CRIU itself).

@amikhalitsyn I know you are the expert in this area, do you have any guidance on general support for container live migration in LXD?


@capriciousduck unfortunately live migration of containers is not a priority thing right now and status is unknown. I can say that CRIU project (tool that is used to perform live migration) itself is alive and always moving forward, but integration between LXD/LXC is not in a perfect shape.

I’ll definitely take a look on this thing once time permits, but right now I have many other things to do. As this thing is very time consuming and most likely it won’t be a 5 minute fix.

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Oh, I see. Thanks for your time.