List of devices will get 5.17 kernel

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS came out today with a feature I couldn’t understand very well. Some devices will get a 5.17 kernel instead of the regular 5.15 one. The question is: how do I know if my device is certified? I updated the Ubuntu from 21.10 (actually I was using the beta for some time) and I guess the new kernel is automatically installed just with new installations, maybe even using the OEM install option only.

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The OEM kernel (which seems to be 5.17) used in manufacturing is sometimes ahead of the standard Ubuntu kernel and sometimes behind. If your device is not certified then you may not see any benefit.

If you want the latest and greatest then you always have the option of installing a more bleeding edge kernel. But keep in mind that a newer kernel can introduce bugs as much as it can fix them.

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It will most likely probe the hardware and automatically assign either 5.15 LTS or 5.17.

Any details about what is the command to check what kernel version will be used?