Linux Network Configuration

Howdy Folks,

I started playing with multipass because I like the idea of experimenting with cloud tools and I need to spin-up a DNS server that lives inside a nat. To this end, I need to be able to setup port forwards, much like the iptables rules that seems to have been populated by the multipass install process. After browsing the docs, there doesn’t appear to be much regarding multipass network configuration. I began writing iptables rules directly, but then it occured to me the reason for automated cloud tools is to abstract and automate some of that setup away.

Now that I write this down, I’m imagining the cloud-init command is part of a suite of tools that manages the network configuration. For now I will study the rtd for cloud-init.

I will throw this up as an introduction of myself and to begin a thread documenting some work with network configuration for multipass vms in linux.

Looks like cloud-init is for provisioning clients and not so much managing the cloud ‘back-end’. I see multipass can use virtualbox as a backend for macos, and linux has an experimental connection to libvirt.

I think that I will revert back to using a virtualbox directly for what I need to get running now, since I am already familiar with it and the network configuration procedures are clear.

Hi @acochrane indeed, cloud-init will not let you affect anything outside of the instance.

We are working on bridging support, which will add a network interface bridged to a physical network. Would that help you, or are you looking at even more control?