Linux for gaming

What is the best distro for gaming and also i would like some help installing arch formy first time and mods feel free to change the poast if formatting incorrect and im new to this community so i dont know maby fo the rules so if in the incorrect catagory feel free to move it

Well, this Community HUB is rather development focused. For general topics I would rather use the very populated Ubuntu forums. So I guess this might be locked eventually.

just asking questions

dont lock me :frowning:
im new all i want is advice

plz someone help me :slight_smile: plz awnser my qusetion

Hey Martin :wave:

Depends what you are looking for. More info here:

The Arch community might be a better place to ask :wink:

For gaming performance, the best distro is any that will “unredirect” fullscreen windows. What this means is that the fullscreen app can then render directly to the screen without any involvement of the shell/compositor.

This feature already exists in Unity and Gnome Shell (I think), providing you use a Xorg session and avoid Wayland. So choice of distro should not matter. Just make sure you log into a Xorg session and not a Wayland session.

Thankyou for the info it helped alot

Closing. This is not related to community desktop development.