LightDM update?

Debian has had a newer version of lightdm compared to Ubuntu since June. It appears like Debian and Ubuntu’s packages don’t have a shared history and converting it to a full merge is probably a big project. However, there are probably useful bugfixes in the new release that would be good to have in time for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

I heard about a LightDM issue reported to affect Ubuntu MATE. I haven’t had time to investigate it myself. Bug #2052489 “Mate Daily Graphic Layer does not come up - apparm...” : Bugs : apparmor package : Ubuntu


Yes, that would be very nice, because lightdm is the basis of MANY Ubuntu flavours, namely: Cinnamon, Unity, MATE, Xfce, Budgie…and maybe I forgot some to mention. It would be nice if @robert.ancell could make a new release.

There is a new release. It just needs to be packaged in Ubuntu. I don’t expect Robert to package it.