Leó Kolbeinsson | Membership Application

My name is Leó Kolbeinsson and I would like to apply for Ubuntu Membership.


My launchpad page:


Member since:


Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct:


Teams I belong to :

ISO Testers

Kubuntu Testers


Lubuntu Packages Team

Lubuntu QA

Ubuntu BugSquad

Ubuntu Local Community Teams

Ubuntu Quality

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Users

Ubuntu Wiki Editors

Ubuntu Ísland

Xubuntu Testers

Ubuntu Budgie bug busters




IRC(libera.chat): leokolb


My main contributions have been daily QA testing of both desktop and server installs the past 6 years.


In the past I was a Lubuntu member and Lubuntu Council member but have expanded my interest to all flavors.

Future goals:

Continue to help Ubuntu and flavors to maintain their high quality.

Any and all testimonials appreciated.

Thank you and best regards,
Leó Kolbeinsson


Leó has in fact contributed to Ubuntu and its flavors through testing.
We both are on the “Ubuntu Quality” team
Please approve his membership. “Leó” has my endorsement.


I’ve worked with Leo for more than a year in the Lubuntu team. He’s poured an immense amount of work into our QA procedures, helping the Lubuntu project to deliver solid, usable, and polished Lubuntu releases. His work has directly impacted the lives of our users in a meaningful way, and I’m happy to see that he’s reaching out to help other flavors with his time, skills, and attention to detail. He also helped encourage me on my journey to becoming a Lubuntu Developer, a position that has helped me to contribute to the wider Ubuntu ecosystem as well as to the Lubuntu project.

I endorse this membership application wholeheartedly.


Hello leok

Great that you make this move.

Impressive credentials good support :slight_smile: Please add your self to the list for an arranged time to complete your application:

on behalf of the Membership Board



I have had the pleasure of working with Leó on the Lubuntu project for several years now. He was a Lubuntu Member until recently, inherently granting him Ubuntu Membership. In my own capacity, I would suggest to the Ubuntu Membership board that this is simply a reinstatement of existing privileges, and perhaps a full process may not be necessary (especially given the recent docket of applicants).

Leó is a kind-hearted, rational, and skilled contributor who has contributed countless hours to ensuring Lubuntu stays (relatively) bug-free. I can not count the amount of times he has helped during release week to get the ISOs tested, brought something to the attention of myself and other Lubuntu Developers to move the needle forward, and tested items not even on our list. This (often times thankless) work is critical to a strong Ubuntu, and I cannot even begin to express my gratefulness for his significant and sustained contributions.

To my understanding, Leó and @guiverc are key architects in Lubuntu’s extended testing checklist (conveniently, our Phabricator instance is down for maintenance so I can’t link it). Let me assure you, this checklist is extensive, covering no-network installs, EFI vs BIOS installs, different filesystems, etc. I am deeply impressed every single release when they complete this extensive, 20 or 30 item checklist. Leó is instrumental in the creation and maintenance of that document.

I wholeheartedly support Leó’s transition in interest, and as I told him privately, he can always call himself a Lubuntu Member Emeritus. I really look forward to working with him in the wider community, and I am incredibly thankful that he chose Lubuntu as his entry point. My personal hope is that he does not forget his roots. :smile:

I absolutely and wholeheartedly advocate Leó for Ubuntu Membership, immediately. We would be incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated contributor join the roster of Ubuntu Members. If anyone deserves it, Leó does.


I fully endorse Leó Kolbeinsson for Ubuntu Membership.

I’ll confirm Leó was a Lubuntu member for three years, and was on the Lubuntu Council for a year, though was involved (especially with testing) longer than reflected by his membership.

Leó has been a conscientious QA tester, and when issues are discovered, reporting them on launchpad in a clear and useful manner, testing beyond just Lubuntu, but our whole Ubuntu family of systems.

Leó had indicated last year (with almost five years of QA with Ubuntu at that time) he was considering applying for Ubuntu membership, but I talked him out of it. My reasoning being Leó already had his Ubuntu membership due to his Lubuntu membership. Leó however has since resigned from Lubuntu meaning his then Ubuntu membership was also lost, and his application for it now.

Leó may have resigned from officially being a member of the Lubuntu team, but is still responding to requests and being helpful to the team; a quick look now on the ISO QA checklist and Leó is our only tester with today’s noble daily for example, but a quick look elsewhere and again I see Leó, and its easy to see why he’s top of the top100.


I mentioned in our Lubuntu chat that endorsing Leó was easy. Not because of his extensive technical resume as mentioned above but because his contributions go above and beyond that. Leó embodies the spirit of Ubuntu truly making it better for everyone. He is inclusive in his approach and seems to be always available when called upon.

Before we added the capability to Calamares for a swapfile, Leó created this How-To documentation on the Lubuntu Discourse to make sure everyone had access to that. It isn’t a code contribution per say but a very helpful guide to extend functionality.

I endorse Leó’s application “easily” based on my interaction and experience in working with him.


Please add me to one of the available slots Thursday 07 December.
Thanks to all :smiley:


I added myself to the meeting at 20:00 on December 07,2023 - please change the time if need be.

Thanks again…


leok; Outstanding :smiley:
Will meet you on IRC, 07 Dec.



See you soon, It seems you have been busy

Another last-minute endorsement!

Leo is amazing at documenting bugs and doing very, very thorough testing. As such, he has been unrelenting when it comes to testing various flavors, especially Lubuntu. As such, I fully endorse him becoming an Ubuntu member since his involvement, for the past few years since becoming involved, has been invaluable for the entire community.


Be it hereby known:
leok is awarded Ubuntu Membership, in today’s Membership Board meeting, in recognition of his long standing contributions.

Give a hearty Welcome as he steps up from Lubuntu :smiley:


Many thanks to all for the support of my application and the kind testimonials!

I am very proud to be an official member of the Ubuntu community.


Congratulations your efforts are well deserved.

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