Landscape search terms

How come the search terms in Landscape is so limited?
Why can’t I search for any of the terms in for instance Hardware that I find in a downloaded csv of a particular computer?
I’d like to be able to search for, for instance, system.model - but that doesn’t seem possible. Why?

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I tried that before posting my question, could not find any useful information…

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Another resource is:

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Still it doesn’t explain why I can’t use all the (potentially) possible keywords, but just a (seemingly) random subset…

You can add custom metadata to any machine, if the default search terms are not robust enough.

If you create a file in this directory, on the machine you are managing:


If the contents of that file was TS140. Then you would be defining the custom metadata key system-model with the value of TS140.

The search terms would then be: annotation:system-model to find all machines that have a system-model defined, or annotation:system-model:TS140 to find all the TS140 results.

Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks @rajanpatel!

That’s very helpful to know!