Landscape Beta 23.10 Release Notes

landscape-server 23.10+6 - published 13 Feb 2024

  • API:
    • add new Array schema parameter type and use in v2 API
    • add POST computers/<id>/usergroups/update_bulk and GET
      computers//groups endpoints
    • add wsl-instance-name endpoint
    • restructure response to wsl-instance-name endpoint
    • add endpoints to revert and reapply activities
    • add paginated computers processes endpoint
    • fix: CORS headers for PUT and other HTTP methods
    • add GET /computers/<id>
  • Remove dependency on hvac
  • Remove canonical.url.url.get_url to improve memory consumption
  • Auto-generate API credentials for users with a valid JWT
  • Batch pingserver update queries to reduce the risk of write failures and
    improve memory consumption

landscape-server 23.10+5 - published 30 Jan 2024

  • Fix: 400 not found on HEAD request
  • WSL API improvement: Add wsl_only flag to computer list API
  • WSL API improvement: Conditionally filter out WSL instances
  • WSL API improvement: Add paginated WSL host endpoint

landscape-server 23.10+4 - published 25 Jan 2024

  • Fix: Off-by-one bug in previous_url for paginated API endpoints
  • Fix: Bug when getting users of invalid computer
  • Fix: gpg properly handles utf-8 encoding for output
  • New v2 API routing (work-in-progress)
  • Add paginated packages API endpoint
  • Fix: Ubuntu pro licenses applied to machines that somehow have lost theirs
  • Get, create, and delete invitation v2 API endpoints
  • Add WSL info to get computers API endpoints
  • Add systemd service for landscape-secrets-service
  • Fix: JWT refresh TODO
  • JWT uses user ID and account name to prevent accidental logouts
  • Fix: Quickstart: secrets-service binds localhost
  • Quickstart: Apache now routes gRPC requests to hostagent messenger
  • Update new dashboard to latest build
  • Add v2 API endpoints for activities

landscape-server 23.10+3 - published 09 Jan 2024 19:04:40

  • Fix bug that prevented existing person from accepting invitation in
  • Add feature to prevent invitation hijacking in standalone.
  • Hard-code path to /api to avoid missing root_url issues
  • Fix apache template for new_dashboard
  • Update packaging files to allow build for focal in landscape-api
  • Add API endpoints for getting, terminating, and killing processes
  • Fix issues with paginated defaults. Add pagination to /users
  • Add /person and /credentials API endpoints. Person endpoint includes
    options to change preferred_account and email.
  • Allow auto-registration of new computers in SaaS
  • Add API handler for switching logged-in account

landscape-server 23.10+2 - published Thu, 14 Dec 2023 13:05:34

  • Schema changes to support future Person-Computer relationships
  • Add activity ID to API responses with SyncPocket activities
  • Move repository dashboard to /new_dashboard from /dashboard to avoid clash
    with older pages
  • Use default account when no account provided during JWT API authentication
  • Add secrets dashboard to list, create, and remove secrets, if Vault
    integration is enabled
  • UI changes to support management of WSL instances belonging to registered
    Windows hosts

landscape-server 23.10+1 - published Thu, 07 Dec 2023 17:44:38

  • Add systemd service for hostagent messenger
  • WSL related changes
  • Add computer auto-registration toggle
  • Add last sync activity to mirror pocket get_state for GetDistributions
  • If the selection from a saved search changes, redirect the user accordingly
  • Updated swift api to fix broken receipts