Landscape beta 22.09: Quickstart Installation

The quickstart installation can be completed in a few lines.


  1. Ubuntu 22.04 or Ubuntu 20.04 installed on a machine with the following minimum specifications:
    • a dual core 2ghz processor
    • 4GB of RAM, or more
    • 10GB of disk space, or more
  2. An IP address with an FQDN. Using a domain name with a public IP allows for valid SSL certificates to be applied, via LetsEncrypt’s certbot.

The machine which conforms to the above requirements, and will be used for installing the Landscape Server components, will be referred to as the target machine in the remainder of this post.

You can define your target machine’s hostname through a DNS server. You can modify /etc/hosts on every system (including the target machine) to associate the IP address of your target machine to a specific hostname. It is also possible to define the hostname for your target machine in a DNS server that all your machines share. The simplest way to achieve this is by using a domain name, and setting a DNS A Record in the domain name registrar’s dashboard. Replace with your domain name, and replace landscapebeta with whatever subdomain you wish to use.

Define your target machine’s hostname:

hostnamectl set-hostname

Once this step is complete, you can install Landscape Beta through the Quickstart package:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:landscape/self-hosted-22.04beta
sudo apt update
sudo apt install landscape-server-quickstart

This video covers these steps in more detail: