Kubuntu with Ryzen 7 and Gigabyte Auros

hello hello :grin: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

This is my first post here. :muscle:

Iโ€™m the least one who knows about Ubuntu :alien:, hopefully my questions wont be annoying you.:mask:

I want to change to Kubuntu, I did a small research online about my hardware on Linux, I found that there are issues with Gigabyte motherboards and Ryzen 7 Gen 2 with Ubuntu. someone said that they experienced several crashes.

but I had enough with Microsoft :japanese_goblin:, so I want to see if there is a way, is it okey to install it?:pray:

my hardware is:
Motherboard Gigabyte Auros M
CPU Ryzen 7 Gen 2700x 3.7-4.2Ghz
Memory: Crosair 16gb 3600mhz
Harddisk: SSD Samsung 850 Pro

i have wireless keyboard and mouse (logitech) it is designed for windows only ??!!:nail_care:

any advice?:point_left:



The support gurus in our support venues https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712 are awaiting your install support question.

Of course, since they donโ€™t have your hardware, their advice is likely to be: โ€œtry it and then let us knowโ€