Kubuntu weekly wrap-up week 4

Hello everyone! Here is this weeks Kubuntu progress report! https://www.scarlettgatelymoore.dev/kubuntu-week-4-feature-freeze-and-what-comes-next/



Love the updates, thank you!

Some questions about donations, though - the donation link at the end of the post goes to this page:


Which says that money is held by KDE GB, the link to which indicates that it’s a defunct organization without a bank account:


In 2019 the e.V. board put a block on activities of KDE GB. With no sign of this being lifted the organisaton was shut down. The Bank of Scotland account is now closed and money transfered to e.V. The Paypal account is also closed.

And the link on the donation page to the constitution governing how money is spent is to a domain (kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk) that doesn’t seem to be actively owned by anyone associated with Kubuntu or KDE?

I’ve donated to KDE e.V. directly before, is that now the preferred mechanism or should folks still be using the PayPal link on the kubuntu.org site above? (If it’s the former, perhaps pages/links can be updated to direct to the new mechanism?)


Hi there, we are updating the website and will be offering more option for donations. That pay pal account is atill active and the bank account is valid and held by Jonathan Riddell who is the Treasurer for Kubuntu. I assure you the money goes to Kubuntu development as he pays my monthly stipend :slight_smile: . We are aware it needs a complete overhaul as the page claims the money goes to t-shirts and road trips, which is far from the truth!