Kubuntu Council Meeting: 20240130

The Kubuntu Council met today to discuss some emergent items for Kubuntu. Here is a report from Rick Timmis, initially posted on the mailing list.

Dear Kubuntu Council Members,
Copy to: Jonathan Riddell, Simon Quigley, and Scarlett Moore (Non KC Members)

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your valuable participation in today’s council meeting. It was a pleasure to have Darin Miller, Rik Mills, Valorie Zimmerman, Aaron Honeycutt, Jonathan Riddell, and Simon Quigley with us, contributing their insights and expertise.

During the meeting, we successfully deliberated on several key topics:

Objectives for the Upcoming Kubuntu LTS Release: We had a productive discussion on the goals and expectations for the imminent release, ensuring that our upcoming version meets the high standards our users anticipate.

Ubuntu Flavours Statement of LTS Support: The council considered the importance of making a statement regarding LTS support for the Kubuntu flavour. This decision aligns with our commitment to transparency and clarity for our users.

Contract Proposal for Scarlett Gately Moore: We reviewed and agreed to contract Scarlett Gately Moore for a three-month period, with an initial budget of $6000. Her expertise will be invaluable in achieving our objectives, which include the delivery of the 24.04 LTS Release, updating the Kubuntu Installer to Calamares, and preparing an alpha release of Plasma 6 targeting the Kubuntu 24.10 release.

All these matters were agreed upon at quorum, and the motions were successfully carried.

Actions and Outcomes:

Simon Quigley will liaise with Rik Mills and Scarlett Moore to coordinate the work details and oversee the delivery of our three primary objectives.

Simon Quigley will facilitate the invoicing process by requesting Scarlett to raise an invoice. The pro-forma for this was agreed upon during the meeting.

Jonathan Riddell, in his role as the Kubuntu Treasurer, will be responsible for handling the commissioning of payments.

I, Rick Timmis, will communicate the outcomes of this meeting to the Kubuntu Council mailing list. I shall email similar to the Kubuntu users list, and make a news post to kubuntu.org, on Sunday 4th February. This will ensure that all members are updated and informed about our latest decisions and plans.

Additionally, I will prepare an LTS Statement for submission to the Ubuntu Technical Board. This statement will outline our commitment and approach towards the Long-Term Support for Kubuntu.

Once again, thank you for your dedicated involvement and constructive contributions in today’s meeting. Your collective efforts continue to drive Kubuntu forward, and I am confident that together, we will achieve remarkable success in our upcoming endeavors.


Now that we have a super-successful release, it’s great to re-read our launch meeting minutes. Thank you to everyone who helped us launch our new LTS!
Happy to report that Scarlett and I were able to meet up at LinuxFest NW, host a table covered with cool give-away items from the Ubuntu Community, flanked by Ubuntu banners. I missed our old Kubuntu banner that went missing a few years back! We’re planning to travel to Seattle next November for SeaGL; we’ll see you there.