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I do not like the idea of Canonical about not letting users to write official documentation etc. if they aren’t Canonical employees/don’t have special rights. I’d like to introduce fellow thinkers to the BluFire Community :slight_smile: But I’m not putting it on Launchpad. I’m hosting the webpage manually.

Please post if you appreciate the idea

No proper distro will allow users to post official documentation, patches, or any contribution before it is revised. This extends to any open-source project that aims to be stable.
However, you can always submit suggestions, talk to the devs and community leaders to try to help. If you do it properly your contributions will eventually be merged into the official projects.

I’m not a Ubuntu employee but i don’t agree they have special rights. They have responsibilities, that normal user don’t have. Those docs are used by many companies and users around the world, and one small error could do a big harm.

And of course, you can do your own documentation and distribute it freely. It may help many people.


There is no such idea.

All users can contribute by submitting suggestions, which will be reviewed by someone who has been granted access to commit/upload. After a few successful suggestions, i.e. if a user has demonstrated sufficient skill and good judge, they can get the permissions needed to work more independently. This is true for Canonical employees as well as other users.

Ubuntu is a meritocracy.


This is simply not true, so closing this thread.