Kinetic Kudu (22.10) Release Status Tracking

This page is the canonical tracking document for the upcoming Kinetic Kudu release. It’s a live document. The Ubuntu release team will be updating it as we work on releasing 22.10.


  • We’ve released!


  • Released on October 20th

Current blockers

Bugs to watch

  • libreoffice help doesn’t open in firefox bug 1951210
  • zsys was seeded in Ubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu MATE, and UbuntuKylin (the last not releasing with kinetic) so if removing zsys is the fix, we will need to respin these three flavors.

Bugs which are fixed but need verifying

Misc information

  • libidn2 upload in the unapproved queue drops a spurious dependency on sgml-base that was caused by a buggy toolchain (debhelper?). Accepting this requires respinning the world so should only be done if there is another reason for a respin. It is not SRU-worthy.
    • If this doesn’t get accepted, sgml-base needs its priority changed to important
  • software-properties can be accepted into release (instead of SRU, below) if we respin.

Packages for 0-day SRU

  • DONE: software-properties which fixes a Traceback in the qt frontend bug 1993370
  • gnome-calendar which fixes an issue with recurring events bug 1993308
  • DONE: dkms update for package signing bug 1991725