Kernel Security updates and reboots (Servers)

Just wondering what strategies other people are doing when it comes to the reboots required with the Kernel Security updates (Servers). This month alone there are many (3?) kernel updates that require rebooting even with livepatch which I’m using on a few systems - this makes for some late nights trying to get production systems rebooted without causing issues for the business.

I’m not complaining about the patches being released in a timely manner, it’s just ironic that we reboot our Linux systems more than Windows systems these days.

Any suggestions and/or how do Canonical actually handle this?


Okay surely I’m not the only person on this planet frustrated by this, over the past few weeks I’m getting very tired of reboots. Either no one is patching and rebooting or my servers are very specific and reporting a reboot is required in error? I can’t imagine either is correct? A fair few for Jan already and there was one in December.

I really do appreciate the security teams work and fast response, but why do I not see this with say AWS EC2 Linux Servers that are based on Redhat?