Just wondering

Normally, when one writes to the Council, how long before they respond ?


Hi! When did you write them? There’s a moderation queue, and sometimes things accidentally go into Spam. I will ping them and see if I can get someone to reply.

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Thanks for your interest, I wrote in January

The Council received your emails. You need patience, sometimes it takes a long time for council resolutions of a non-emergency nature to be handled. Non-response doesn’t mean the Council’s ignoring you, it means we have other things that’re higher priority and your messages are still on the list for us to handle.

(Disclosure: I’m on the Community Council and speaking with CC authority on this post)


I thank you for the reply, so I will wait confidently and patiently :wink: :innocent:

Non-response is comparable with ping. If the ping is successful, you can be sure, that the remote host is responding. If the ping is not successful, you cannot be sure, why there was no response.

In my opinion, the council should give at least a short answer of type “Thank you for your email. Please have some patience.”


I do agree with this. Especially with things sometimes going to spam filters, people want to know that their message was received, even if handling their issue will take longer.

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