June 2024 Update: NVIDIA Grace MGX + Canonical Support

We are back with another update, continuing our progress from Feb 2024 Update: NVIDIA Grace MGX + Canonical Support.

Here are Canonical’s recommendations for OS/kernel use for both pre-production and production samples of Grace MGX systems, including Grace-Grace and Grace-Hopper based systems.

Partners & Early MGX Customers General MGX Consumers
Install Ubuntu 24.04 LTS1 Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS certified hardware once your server is publicly listed on ubuntu.com/certified2

Please note, Grace Hopper systems are only supported using the open GPU kernel module driver.

[1] The arm64+largemem installer (64k kernel) is recommended for performance when running GPU workloads

[2] Depending on server certification and partner program, see below for more information.

About Ubuntu Server Certification Programs:

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