Juju deploy landscape-scalable charm bundle rev 11 to Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy), on amd64

Steps to deploy on a workstation with the amd64 processor architecture, using an Intel® Xeon® CPU E31235 @ 3.20GHz and 16GB of RAM.

sudo snap install juju --classic
juju bootstrap localhost
juju deploy landscape-scalable --channel edge

Deployment details are as follows:

Located bundle "landscape-scalable" in charm-hub, revision 11
Located charm "haproxy" in charm-store, revision 66
Located charm "landscape-server" in charm-store, revision 56
Located charm "postgresql" in charm-store, revision 246
Located charm "rabbitmq-server" in charm-store, revision 123
Executing changes:
- upload charm haproxy from charm-store for series focal with architecture=amd64
- deploy application haproxy from charm-store on focal
- expose all endpoints of haproxy and allow access from CIDRs and ::/0
- set annotations for haproxy
- upload charm landscape-server from charm-store for series focal from channel edge with architecture=amd64
- deploy application landscape-server from charm-store on focal with edge
- set annotations for landscape-server
- upload charm postgresql from charm-store for series focal with architecture=amd64
- deploy application postgresql from charm-store on focal
  added resource wal-e
- set annotations for postgresql
- upload charm rabbitmq-server from charm-store for series focal with architecture=amd64
- deploy application rabbitmq-server from charm-store on focal
- set annotations for rabbitmq-server
- add relation landscape-server - rabbitmq-server
- add relation landscape-server - haproxy
- add relation landscape-server:db - postgresql:db-admin
- add unit haproxy/0 to new machine 0
- add unit landscape-server/0 to new machine 1
- add unit postgresql/0 to new machine 2
- add unit rabbitmq-server/0 to new machine 3
Deploy of bundle completed.

The juju status output reads as follows:

Model    Controller           Cloud/Region         Version  SLA          Timestamp
default  localhost-localhost  localhost/localhost  2.9.35   unsupported  08:09:33-04:00

App               Version  Status  Scale  Charm             Channel  Rev  Exposed  Message
haproxy                    active      1  haproxy           stable    66  yes      Unit is ready
landscape-server           active      1  landscape-server  edge      56  no       Unit is ready
postgresql        12.12    active      1  postgresql        stable   246  no       Live master (12.12)
rabbitmq-server   3.8.2    active      1  rabbitmq-server   stable   123  no       Unit is ready

Unit                 Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports           Message
haproxy/0*           active    idle   0   80/tcp,443/tcp  Unit is ready
landscape-server/0*  active    idle   1                   Unit is ready
postgresql/0*        active    idle   2   5432/tcp        Live master (12.12)
rabbitmq-server/0*   active    idle   3   5672/tcp        Unit is ready

Machine  State    Address        Inst id        Series  AZ  Message
0        started  juju-4cbb93-0  focal       Running
1        started  juju-4cbb93-1  focal       Running
2        started  juju-4cbb93-2  focal       Running
3        started  juju-4cbb93-3  focal       Running


  1. landscape-server is deployed from edge at revision 56
  2. every container is running in the focal series


  1. landscape-server would be deployed from the latest charm, revision 57
  2. the container series would match the host: jammy

These expectations may be misaligned from what is supposed to happen, is this the appropriate result?

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