Juju deploy individual charms to Ubuntu 20.04 (focal), on aarch64 (arm64)

Steps to deploy on Oracle Public Cloud virtual machine of shape: VM.Standard.A1.Flex, using four Ampere Altra OCPUs and 24GB of RAM:

sudo iptables -F && sudo netfilter-persistent save
sudo snap install juju --classic
juju bootstrap localhost
juju set-model-constraints arch=arm64
juju deploy landscape-server --channel=edge
juju deploy postgresql --config extra_packages='python3-apt postgresql-contrib postgresql-.*-debversion postgresql-plpython3-*'
juju deploy haproxy --config default_timeouts='queue 60000, connect 5000, client 120000, server 120000' --config services='' --config ssl_cert='SELFSIGNED' --config global_default_bind_options='no-tlsv10'
juju deploy rabbitmq-server

The juju status output reads as follows:

Model    Controller           Cloud/Region         Version  SLA          Timestamp
default  localhost-localhost  localhost/localhost  2.9.35   unsupported  04:40:12Z

App               Version  Status       Scale  Charm             Channel  Rev  Exposed  Message
haproxy                    active           1  haproxy           stable    66  no       Unit is ready
landscape-server           maintenance      1  landscape-server  edge      55  no       installing charm software
postgresql        12.12    active           1  postgresql        stable   239  no       Live master (12.12)
rabbitmq-server   3.5.7    active           1  rabbitmq-server   stable   123  no       Unit is ready

Unit                 Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports     Message
haproxy/0*           active    idle   2               Unit is ready
landscape-server/0*  error     idle   0              hook failed: "install"
postgresql/0*        active    idle   1     5432/tcp  Live master (12.12)
rabbitmq-server/0*   active    idle   3     5672/tcp  Unit is ready

Machine  State    Address       Inst id        Series  AZ  Message
0        started  juju-59dd3d-0  bionic      Running
1        started   juju-59dd3d-1  focal       Running
2        started   juju-59dd3d-2  xenial      Running
3        started   juju-59dd3d-3  xenial      Running


  1. haproxy stable revision 66 is deployed to a xenial container, successfully
  2. landscape-server edge revision 55 is deployed to a focal container, but has a hook failed: "install" message
  3. rabbmitmq-server stable revision 123 is deployed to a xenial container, successfully


  1. haproxy should be deployed a focal container
  2. landscape-server edge revision 57 is the latest revision, which is what should be deployed, successfully (no hook failures)
  3. rabbitmq-server should be deployed to a focal container

Due to these observations not meeting expectations, the subsequent step to relate the charms has not been performed.

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