Jason C. McDonald (CodeMouse92) | Membership Application

Greetings! I’d like to become a member of Ubuntu.

About Me

My name is Jason C. McDonald. I’m a software engineer, author, and speaker. I’ve been using Ubuntu continuously since 2012, and been a part of the IRC community for about that long. As a mentor of interns at MousePaw Media, and an independent computer repair technician, I’ve introduced many people to Ubuntu over the years. It’s my favorite OS to recommend, advocate, configure, and teach to users of all skill levels! In addition, I’ve served as a employee of Canonical on the Public Cloud team since 07 June 2021.

Contact Info

IRC codemouse92
Email codemouse92@outlook.com
GitHub codemouse92
Launchpad ~codemouse92
Telegram codemouse92
Twitter codemouse92
LinkedIn codemouse92
DEV codemouse92
Website codemouse92.com

(In case you haven’t spotted the pattern yet, I’m known ubiquitously online as codemouse92.)


  • Employee of Canonical as member of Canonical Public Cloud (CPC) team since 07 June 2021.
  • Advocate for Ubuntu: introducing, educating, and providing technical support. (Since 2014)
    • Here is a significant example; although unstated in the article, Ubuntu was used as the OS in that project.
  • Develop end-user software that works seamlessly with Ubuntu, improving the overall user experience. (Not really a qualifying contribution, but hey, I enjoy it.) A prime example is Timecard.

Future Goals

  • Continue to advocate for Ubuntu, especially Ubuntu Desktop.
  • Develop Ubuntu-first software projects to improve the Ubuntu user experience.
  • Push for improvements to the accessibility features on Ubuntu.
  • Potentially help moderate the IRC community.


Scott Taylor

Before meeting Jason, I avoided using Ubuntu at all costs. Once I began working with Jason, he suggested that my development environment could be improved if I used Ubuntu. I was hesitant, so I compromised by dual-booting my laptop. I ended up almost exclusively using the Ubuntu boot. Jason showed me a bunch of tips, tricks, and applications that not only drastically improved my development experience, but also made Ubuntu my favorite OS. Jason has a wealth of knowledge on Ubuntu. His love of the OS turned it from my most feared OS to the one I turn to first. I can not think of a more qualified community member.

Sergio Ramirez

Jason introduced me to Ubuntu and helped me install it on my laptop. He introduced me to many features of Ubuntu such as software development tools, configuring the UI, video games, music players. He spent the time to show me how everything works and it intrigued me. Now if I don’t have to use Windows, Ubuntu is my choice.

Bowen Volwiler

I worked under Jason as a software development intern at MousePaw Media for a number of years while in college. As part of the internship, I was required to install Ubuntu in order to run the dev environment that was standard across the organization. Along with many insightful programming philosophies, Jason also taught me that a computer should be a tool that is best adapted to its user, and was always quick to recommend useful Ubuntu-friendly software and apps that enhanced and expanded the possibilities of what an OS could do. Though currently relegated to my personal machines only, Ubuntu has shaped the way I think about and use a computer, and I have Jason to thank for that.


AttaBoy Codemouse92

I look forward to processing your application. Please make the schedule on: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards
at your convenience.



Mister Quinn, Thank You for Being You…response.

Congratulations to Codemouse92 for successful completion to Ubuntu Membership for his sustained contributions.

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