Jammy testing session

So I am testing out Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy in a VM and on a laptop. Both have this two glaring issues that are easy to reproduce. I just need to the someone to point me in the right direction so that I can submit a bug report to get them fixed.

  1. Upon cold boot the log in screen does not take any input and to get around this you need to change to a different tty by holding down Ctrl + Alt and pressing F2 or F3, etc.

  2. The password input is too dark and almost on the borderline of not visible when the system in locked. It doesn’t matter as to which wallpaper you have set. It could be dark, light, neutral, etc.

edit: After today’s update the locked issue has been fixed. Thank you.


1 is possibly bug 1965085.

2 is definitely bug 1965627.

Please be sure to report bugs in Launchpad, not here.


Also: why i get a windows “sharing” icon instead of the ubuntu logo?

That’s the new logo.