[jammy] Sound/power issues


I run Jammy with GNOME since some months now, Thinkpad P14s AMD, it runs globally fine for a dev version.
Well, I have a longstanding issue, maybe issueS:

  • if I plug headphones jack, I have to manually set sound channel to them
  • the mute led of my mic is erratic: always off, if I play around with mute key during headphones are plugged, I success to restore the normal behavior of my laptop’s mic led
  • sound volume is reset on each boot
  • when I plug usb-c dock’s power, I often have to unplug/replug it many times to success to see GS’s power indicator charging but power change is detected by kernel/system since TLP’s power profiles are updated (very visible since I use ethernet-on-dock-plug instead of wifi option)

My unskilled feeling: all that is GNOME-related and maybe altogether related (sound and power).
What packages should be hinted in a bug report?
Are some of you experiencing this? Is there a workaround?

That’s bug #1953052 filed against alsa-utils.

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