Jammy Jellyfish (22.04) Release Status Tracking

This page is the canonical tracking document for the upcoming Jammy Jellyfish release. It’s a live document. The Ubuntu release team will be updating it as we work on releasing 22.04.


  • Released!


Current blockers

  • None

Bugs to watch

Bugs which are fixed but need verifying

  • None

Misc information

  • None

Packages for 0-day SRU

  • linux LP: #1968954 upload is 0-day sru of security fixes, aiming to migrate after the jammy release
  • Fix for the no-wayland-support for Nvidia systems
  • backport-iwlwifi-dkms FTBFS LP: #1969434
  • gnome-control-center has a bug with RDP sharing will be released as a security update