Jambo! Jambo!

Jambo every one (That’s Hi in Swahili) and you can call me Patsie.

I’m from Nairobi Kenya and I just applied for a Travel Operations position .

I’m exploring the community and i just love how social everyone is!

I have used Ubuntu in the past but to be honest cant remember a thing. looking forward to interacting with you all and hopefully shall meet in future!!

Fun fact, i once came face to face with a Lion when i was out camping and yes i lived to tell the story :smiley:


Welcome from Italia tò you


Thank you so much! Learning new stuff in this community is super refreshing and its been 2 days only!

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Welcome Patsie!
There is always a lot happening on the Discourse. :slight_smile:
If you need any help finding resources or have questions, feel free to reach out!

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