Jailing (chroot) entire file system on existing HDD

I have an old hard drive that has Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop installed with LAMP, a python game server and dnsmasq. The mother board on the PC it was originally installed died and I’ve recently purchased a new Dell XPS 8930. I am unable to boot or dual boot from this old drive because of UEFI and legacy BIOS issues. I can, however, access it via a hyper-v Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop guest and have found the file system to be intact.

I would like to place the Lucid OS inside a chroot container inside Ubuntu 16.04 and have it operate as it did on the old PC, i.e. run the servers and communicate through certain ports with clients on the internet and a LAN.
I have reviewed several chroot threads but they only cover chroot and debchroot from scratch. I need to implement the same concept but with an existing file system.

Can anyone explain how I should approach this if it is feasible?

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