It is necessary to restore transparency on Gnome Shell!

The Gnome desk in 19.04 is objectively less beautiful than in 18.04 because there is no transparency.

I ask the developers to restore transparency on the menu bar as well as on the dock as on 18.04.

If you really want black by default then add an option to enable transparency at once

Noted that the transparency of the dock must be in correlation with the transparency of the gnome taskbar (as on 18.04 : )


While I agree that, short of a smarter algorithm, it would be better to leave the final decision to the user, while keeping a sane default, instead of removing the feature altogether, I don’t think you will get anything by posting that request here. You should open an issue in Gnome Gitlab and, optionally, a downstream issue in Ubuntu Launchpad tracking the upstream one. If you link the corresponding issues from here, then users could vote for them in the respective trackers.