Is there a way to utilize a custom image like Ubuntu 23.10 as a guest VM in Multipass

I’ve been enjoying using multipass on my Mac M1 and was hoping for some pointers on how to get a guest VM of Ubuntu 23.10 running inside of multipass. I’d like to create a virtual machine / instance based on an image similar to

I attempted to use the following documentation as a starting point:

However, when I attempt to do the following step:

multipass launch file://$PWD/output-qemu/packer-qemu --disk 5G

I get the following error:

launch failed: http and file based images are not supported

Using the following version of multipass on Sonoma 14.1.1

multipass --version
multipass   1.12.2+mac
multipassd  1.12.2+mac
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Hi @uquso2j5, I am afraid that custom images are only supported on Linux, for now. I have updated that doc to say so.