Is there a roadmap for the future of Desktop?

I was wondering whether there was some resources or roadmaps for what the Destkop teams is planning for future releases in term of desktop look and feel and applications (anything that the user interacts with)?
I can see that there is a strong focus given to the flutter installer and even a potential flutter software center that would replace the current gnome-software but I haven’t found a lot of documentation as to which projects are planned and what is the vision on the long-term. It seems that we are in a period of transition towards a potential renewal of utility apps that were made with gtk, but nothing official and since I find this topic very exciting, I was wondering if someone could share some information about it.


This is a really great question. Does anyone have an update on this?

Hey folks, you’re right to call this out, it’s something we’ve not shared explicitly for a while but it’s important for us to do so to show how the work we do for each release fits into broader stepping stones toward more ambitious end goals.

We’ve just finished an exercise internally around articulating all these threads and I’ll work on something with @tim-hm soon to summarise it in one of the dev updates :slight_smile: bear with us!