Is there a place like, live time counter to track/follow/see the new release of Ubunut version :)

I just a little over excited about the new version release.

And have been checking multiple sites to the latest release info, all says by 21st April but no time/timezone info. So When exactly the new release would be out ?

Aware of the ways, like pre-prod releases to try the features available. But just curios on the release timeline

So any such page/info available to public, to know by when exactly the new release will happen ?


The official answer is that it will be released when it is ready sometime on April 21.

I think if there was a specific time announced, then it would actually delay the release because the release would need to be ready a bit in advance to not be late but couldn’t be released early either.


you can join … the release will be announced there and you can party while waiting with other fellow community members


Okay, so giving out the time in advance might create some new pressure on the release process as to deliver it by defined time - Agreed.

So how about a ‘live notification, post release’ (like with successful publishing of all essential artifacts) sending out a push notification via any means of communication channel - would that be a possibility?

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Something of this sorts is also what i was looking for. Thank you

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You can subscribe to this mailing list too:


This will also do, Thank you

The official release notes says,

Upgrades to 22.04 LTS are currently not enabled (due a bug with snapd and update-notifier) but will be in the next couple of days.

So is there a way to know which are those bugs exactly from the overall bugs list ?

all these bugs are actually linked directly inside the text you linked above …

i.e. the snapd->update-notifier one:


Thank you for quick response. And wile going through the details again!, found it (my bad)

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