Is the Wiki dead?

It still get referred to quite a bit, but after looking into how to contribute some updated info to a page I’m beginning to wonder if it’s still a going concern. The list of proposed editors I just added myself to includes people who added themselves to the proposed list in 2016.

Those on the list may or may not be real people. I have been told a lot of the people who apply are just ‘scammers’ who want permission to put up non-Ubuntu stuff on the wiki. Because of this a lot get no further than pending.

Having looked at this list in the past, you have some karma (lp) and joined a team in 2015 (not just 7 random teams the same day you applied to join wiki-editor), a search shows you on ubuntu forums… etc… Most of the names that have been there a long time get no results for these simple tests.

For myself, when I applied; I was granted as I recall within a week. The progress goes faster if you have a reason & the team you’re involved with supplement your request.

I’m not someone who approves anyone, but am only expressing opinion that there are reasons many never progress.

Ah OK. Deleting them would look a whole lot better.

I just wanted to edit a page that wasted me a whole lot of time with 16.04 and almost caught me again with a fresh 18.04 install.

If you don’t want to wait, maybe suggest what and why you want something changed here, and I or someone with edit access can make the change for you in the mean time (at least until you become authorized to do it yourself).

Please note if someone does it for you, they’ll have to agree it needs change, and may edit your request to something they’re happy with. I’ve done this before on requests via irc.

FYI: I believe they are not deleted for the same reason I said may or may not be, or that they hadn’t met the requirements for approval to continue…

I don’t mind waiting. Chances are I’ll forget, but it’d be much more annoying to do through human proxy.

My point about the list of names is not that I’m impatient, just that it looked at lot like I’d signed up for something dead. That’s not a good message to be sending.

I’ve contributed to Wikimedia projects and StackExchange, which have very different models. Wikipedia works (mostly) because of a lot of natural policing (i.e. lots of users) and manages to be fairly welcoming despite its technicalities. StackExchange is pretty repellent for new users, but it does lower the signal-to-noise up to a point.

The Community Help Wiki feels a little moribund in comparison to either.

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OK. It’s been a month. I declare this sign-up process dead.

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I’m coming to this a little late, but if you are willing to post a link to your launchpad and Forums accounts, as well as any teams you are member of, I"m sure popey (the administrator of the wiki editors team) will act upon your application.

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